The Best Point of Sale System for Restaurants - Dinerware

When a restaurateur looks for the best pos system for their restaurant, bar, nightclub, cafe or fast casual establishment they must weigh several factors. Important concerns such as cost, ease of use, scalability and support must all be examined in concert with each other for the best point of sale solution. Dinerware exceeds all of the needs for restaurants at all levels. From the one station yogurt cafe to the upscale fining dining establishment, Dinerware's POS is the best option. Listed below are five reasons why.

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Dinerware - Company Overview

Dinerware is a company started by ex-Microsoft employee Carl English, who wanted to develop more robust software for his wine bar... "Founded in 2000, Seattle-based Dinerware provides restaurant point of sale software solutions to the hospitality industry. Dinerware can be found in upscale restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, bar and grills, fast casual restaurants, counter service establishments, quick serve restaurants, hotels, casinos, golf courses and wineries." -

Restaurant POS Basics

Busy restaurants benefit greatly from having real time tracking POS software that allows for instant business transactions as well as easier and faster delivery of service to customers. Desktops terminals are typically the focal for a point of sale system where all communications and functions are controlled from.

A good restaurant POS is able to print and submit orders to the kitchen, process credit cards instantly, run required reports and as well print checks. In the fast food, fast casual and quick service industries the order is taken at the counter, while in sit down restaurants, bars and nightclubs it is typically done in an area that is away from customer interaction.

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Dinerware Features Review

The main features of Dinerware POS all begin with ticket handling and order entry. This feature allows for fast ticket transfers, table switching, split checks, apply payments to other users' tickets, making price changes to items or products and many more options. Simplicity of design and on the fly modifications enhances the POS performance allowing servers and bartenders meet customer requirements easily.

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Dinerware Easy Communication

Communication is the most important feature making all transactions and services work together. This always ensures that the staff is aware of ongoing activities pertaining to customer requirements thus enabling the satisfaction of sometimes unending customer requests and demands. With Dinerware, unique additional features that pertain to communication, are a classic countdown view of item portions remaining, staff communication via internal messages, along with instant ordering of products and services at any given time.

Dinerware Payments and Reporting

The payment processing and reporting features are important because it is from these points where all profits are traced back for a restaurant business. Dinerware POS is flexible allowing payment options to be customized in a way that suits the restaurant. Dinerware allows for payments to be made via credit or gift cards, unlimited split payments on any ticket. Additional payment records can be reconciled including tips to each individual sale.

Dinerware Ease of Use - Menu, Modifications, Training

The menu setup is one of Dinerwar's best features. It is robust and easy to use. The menu feature allows the user to add unlimited menu items, screen categories, create custom menus for other jobs as well as generation of additional remote prints using available choices. On top of this the ability to create different menus for different work shifts or revenue centers allows for more minute data traceability.

Pricing and discounts is another strength of Dinerware POS including vital functions like setting of automatic discounts, hide taxes for over the counter transactions, create taxation functions, restrict discounts and even suppress hidden discounts. Together with the reporting feature, pricing becomes easily accessible and this makes the Dinerware POS a transparent system that is easily trusted.

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Dinerware Versatility

Dinerware POS can be used in practically every type of restaurant, grill or cafe. Nightclubs can make good use of Dinerware POS due to the noise involved hindering face to face communication and the big crowds involved. Discos, bars and clubs too have an edge with Dinerware POS making it ideal in providing first class service. Dinerware POS has many partners globally. and Wavesoft POS are among the major Dinerware POS partners offering 3rd party point of sale plugins like automated food calculations, invoice data management, real-time seamless integration and more detailed cost reports.